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Main House

Main Floor: Floors were scraped and sanded, repaired where needed with a similar aged wood (red pine).  The paint was removed from the millwork and faux grain was added where necessary.  Wallpaper was printed specifically for this house, colours and patterns were chosen from documented/designated historic papers.

Main House: See and Do
Historic Busts

Centre Hallway:  Log cabin and chevron pattern floor (installed circa 1900).  The wallpaper was chosen because it was typical of 1850 Greek Revival era and the colour (soldier blue) was a rare and expensive pigment of the time. 

Parlour:  Log cabin pattern floor (installed circa 1900), and the ceiling was painted with appropriate colours of the time. 

Library:  There is evidence that this room wasn’t finished like the rest of the main floor.  It was divided during a later restoration to allow for a main floor bath and signs of an original built-in bookcase was honoured with the custom piece built to suit the room and era.


Dining Room:  The china cabinet was restored with a pass-through to the commercial kitchen.

The dumb waiter was stripped out and restored, currently not operational but the original pulley system and cart remain, the weights are missing.  Custom floor cloth made with stencil pattern from 1820.

Main floor Commercial Kitchen:  This was originally a Lumber merchant's office and servant's bedroom. You can access  the kitchen through the Veranda, this room was gutted and restored, exposing the beams.  It has a pass-through to the dining room, access through a trap-door to the south half of the basement and access to the carriage house suite.

Upper back veranda:  Completely reinforced, rebuilt and restored.  The floor was done with recycled 1840 floorboards and stained the original walnut colour.

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Second Floor

Primary Bedroom:  This large room may not have been finished as a bedroom by the original owners.  The floors were stripped, restored and painted.

Second Bedroom:   The original primary bedroom was the smaller room with the attached "trunk room", now used as a shower room and closet. The furniture is placed where it was in the 1800’s, there is evidence of the placement marks on the floor.

Bathroom:   The main bathroom, originally known as the bathing room had a small wood stove opposite the window.  There is part of the original bell-pull still attached to the doorframe. It is now a 3-piece bath with a cast iron tub .

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Lower Level

Main House: What's On

Kitchen and dining room:  The original kitchen was in the basement, currently used as a second dining room. The floorboards are the length of the room (15’). The fireplace would have been used for cooking; the original bake oven on the left side of the fireplace as well as a pantry cupboard, the dumb waiter on the right.  A custom oil cloth was made for this room as well.  The current second kitchen was a servants bedroom. Custom buttermilk painted cabinets and a stunning Elmira gas stove make this room inviting and functional.

At the bottom of the stairs there is a large walk-in pantry, you can see burn marks on the under side of the shelves where candles would have been placed.

There is also an original carpenter's lock on the door (very unique).

Next to the pantry was the larder (cold room for storing food) it was converted into a laundry room.  

Root Cellar is now a mechanical room.

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